Saturday, September 3, 2011

Write a Blog From The Perspective of Your Favorite Fictional Character (Topic 5)

I’m trying to think of a good character to write about… Well there aren’t many characters I like from television, but I guess there are fairy tale characters.

Right now I’m googling fictional characters. Hmm… I think I’m going to write about Rudolf. Rudolf the red-nosed reign deer.

If I were Rudolf I think life would be really hard. Everybody would always make fun of you for having a bright red nose. If he was in some sort of modern society then everybody would make fun of him for being a reign deer.

I would hate to be a reign deer like Rudolf. I would just be walking through town and all of a sudden a bunch of bullies would come up to me and make fun of my red nose. I would always ask them if I could play a game with them, but they would never let me.

As Rudolf my life would be miserable.

My whole life (Rudolf’s life) would be miserable until one dark night on Christmas Eve. I would just be going about my regular day, getting made fun of, being excluded from everything, but then all of a sudden everything would change forever. Santa couldn’t drive his sleigh in the thick fog, so he wouldn’t be able to deliver the presents in time for Chrisman. He had only one chance, and that chance was me.

Any other day of the year Santa would easily be able to ride his sleigh in condition like this, but his head lights were burnt out. So he came to me and asked for me to guide his sleigh because my nose is so bright. Bright enough to be used as a headlight that foggy night.

We made it and Santa gave me plenty of recognition for the good deed. Before I knew it I had lots and lots of friends. Everybody respected me, including the humans. Everybody finally saw for who I really am.

Rudolf, the kid with the bright nose. image

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