Saturday, September 3, 2011

What Your Life Would Be Like Without Computers (Topic 3)

First of all, without computers I wouldn’t be writing this blog. I wouldn’t even have a blog without computers. But neither of these things explain how it would affect my life. So how would it affect my life?

We could still have television, and telephones and things like that, but having no computers would still drastically lower our country’s communication. We wouldn’t have electronic messages (E-mails) or have any sort of social network. Everyone would probably have fewer friends, and town citizens would all be much closer, or at least know everyone better. Having no computers would help small businesses, but completely prevent large businesses.

None of this is talking about my life though it is all talking about what the world would be like. My life specifically would be boring, and most of my friends would be the same way. I wouldn’t get to have a blog, a website, or a Facebook. Many things that I do to pass time would not even exist. I wouldn’t be able to play Minecraft or any other computer games. This would make me realize how much time I really have, and I would start to play/practice music a lot more. I would get really good at both guitar, and piano.

My favorite thing that would come out of not having computers would be not having to type papers for school. But now that I’m thinking about it no computers would make everything school related more difficult. For example if I had to write and English paper I would have to count out the words to get a word count, but with computers that is done automatically. I wouldn’t even have spell check to tell me when I tpye-o.

With all things considered I personally think it is best to have computers, even if some hippy radicals think otherwise.

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