Sunday, September 4, 2011

Using, generate a random word. Search it on Google images. Tell the story of the first PHOTO you find. (Topic 15)

My word is sacrifice. Okay it was a bad idea to look up “sacrifice” on Google images. There were tons of gruesome pictures, but the first photo isn’t too bad.



Murder, eating dead bodies, self-castration. Nothing but ancient rituals. But I sure am glad I live in the modern world. People from ancient societies would practice rituals like these for some different reasons, but a main reason is for punishment. If somebody in their society broke the rules/laws, or did something unjust then they would be punished. Often they would be a sacrifice, like the picture above. This picture isn’t a really picture so it doesn’t have a specific story, but people would often be sacrificed like this. They would be taken to a sacrificial pedestal. From this pedestal there could be plenty of witnesses to the sacrifice, and plenty of people to help with the sacrifice.

This isn’t an actual photograph, but I think that is acceptable due to the gruesomeness that a real photo would portray. And I couldn’t find any photographs of a sacrifice. That is probably because in modern times sacrifices are illegal.

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