Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pick A Random Sentence From A Random Book. This Will Be The First Sentence Of This Post (Topic 8)

“Choose the best term from the list to complete each sentence” said Mrs. Donkle. “The Scientific Formula” chorused the class. It was the first day of school and already our math teacher had us memorizing mathematical vocabulary.

“What’s next” asked Davey who sits two seat behind me. Even though it was a rhetorical question Carter answered it “I’m not sure, maybe she is going to make a build a rocket”. Everyone Laughed, not because it was funny. Just because he is on the football team, and there is something that makes people always laugh when a football player attempts to make a joke.

Before we leave math class to go to lunch Mrs. Donkle hands us another classroom rules paper. I had already gotten one from each of the four classes I had before math. I leave math and go straight to the lunch line and since Mrs. Donkle’s room is right next to the cafeteria I am one of the first students in line.

I got lunch found one empty table out of many and sat down alone for about two minutes before several friends joined me. I was the first one done eating at our table because I was the first one there. Lunch came and went and then I had to go to my dreadful sixth hour. Mrs. Werner’s PE class. I don’t usually mind PE but I can’t stand Mrs. Werner and neither can any of my friends. My day was going great until Mrs. Werner ruined it, but when the bell rang I quickly recovered.

My next class I had Mr. Nastase, the only male teacher that I haven’t had before. He seemed nice, and he didn’t give us any homework so I decided that he is an alright guy. Both him and Mrs. Werner gave me more classroom rules papers that had to be signed by my parents.

Mr. Nastase’s class went fast and afterwards I put my books away and went to the bus. The bus ride was quiet and boring. When I got home I was tired but I still hung out with some friends for awhile because it was a Friday.

That first day of school was boring, long, and all together miserable, but I got through it. And since then I have made it through several more days of school. I only have about 150 days to go.

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