Saturday, September 3, 2011

Map Out A Road Trip You Would Like To Take (Topic 10)

I’m not writing about a road trip. Because there was quite an issue for the first 20 minutes of this topic.



This is the box that has all of the topics that we are using for blog day. But if its stolen then there are no topics to choose from. Causing there to be no blog day. We first noticed that it was missing at about 11 PM and we started looking for it, then Will got a message from the box on twitter. every one then checked their own twitter, and sure enough most of the people at the party got tweeted at. All the tweets were clues to the location of the box.

But of course none of the clues made sense to anyone except the person who wrote them. Tim lead the investigation, and started questioning people. First he was questioning at Tom who knew nothing about what was going on.

Eventually Tim moved on to questioning Will. From Will’s response everyone could tell it was him who took the box. Knowing who took the box got us no closer to finding it location though. We questioned Will for about 10 minutes and he never admitted to taking the box. The questioning went around in circles a few times, but always ended back on Will. We Knew he took the box.

Will is the only one here who would be capable of plotting a plot like this plot.

We after another 5 minutes of questioning Will we were no closer to the location of the box. Finally at 11:20 the box tweeted again, and everyone saw that it was from Will’s own computer. The box admitted its location. Will lead us to the box, which was behind the record player.

And the mystery was solved.

Will is the guilty party, but with the admittance of revealing the box he was given immunity. The box was found and nobody was worse off than they were before. And every was given a great topic to blog about. Which has been ignored completely by me and replaced with this story about the missing blog day box.

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