Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Look at Yourself Through the Eyes of Your Pet (Topic 6)

Okay first lets set the setting.

It’s a quite home and I’m there alone. I wake up and everything is the color of no color, as usual. I wish I could get outside to go pea. Maybe my humans will be home soon. I don’t know I guess I’ll go back to sleep.

There are some footsteps on the front door. Who is it!? BARK BARK! Who is here? Then the door bell rings, but my humans aren’t here to get the door. The mysterious figure slips into view for a moment but then passes before I can get a good look. A minute later I see my youngest human at the back door. He is saying something. I think he wants me to let him in. But he knows I can’t.

He leaves me desperately wanting out to say hi to him. A few minutes later he comes inside through the garage door and he tells me he found the key to get in. He pets me and lets me outside.

I see him go up the stairs, but I want to come with him so I start calling his name. Hey! Hey! Elijah! Over here! Hey! He comes back to let me in and I follow him back upstairs. He is such a friendly human. I wish they were all nice. I have to bark at all the other ones, but they still just walk right into my house.

I’m a little hungry, but I’m sure Mommy human will be home soon to give me some food.

*yawn* I’m getting a little tired. I guess my human will be fine for awhile with out me paying attention.

*There is the sound of a door being opened*

Hey Elijah I think Mommy and Daddy humans are home now. lets go say “Hi” Elijah, come on.

He follows me downstairs and sure enough there is Mommy human filling up my dog dish. She is so nice. She acknowledges me and then goes in the other room to get me some water. Daddy human walks in and pats me in the head. They are so nice.

But all of this everyone being nice to me stuff is starting to tire me out. I guess I’ll go take a nap.

I wake up to the sound of laughter, and annoyed, I go to the other room to sleep and I don’t wake up until the next day.

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