Sunday, September 4, 2011

Imaginary Home Remedies To Cure Imaginary Ailments (Topic 18)

Lets pretend that there is a disease that causes your skin to rot, and your brain to function at it’s lowest possible level. Your brain tries to do nothing but keep you alive. So all you can do it is eat breath and walk. And just for the sake of severity this disease is transmitted through saliva.

Everyone is afraid that they will catch this disease and die from it. Or be killed by others who already have the disease. Everyone either runs from the disease or kills anyone who has it. This disease is so severe that a lot of places have to declare martial law.

The government is trying their best create a vaccine for this disease, but they don’t realize that if someone gets infected saliva in their blood stream that it only takes a matter of hours for it to kill most of their brain. After about a day after being infected a person will start to decompose because it brain stops telling cells to reproduce. After two days a person might look as bad as this:


The disease is often obtained from a bite from someone who is already infected. There isn’t really a cure. Just preventative steps to take. Don’t let the infected get too close to you, and if you are bitten somehow your only hope is to make sure the blood from where you were bit doesn’t spread through the rest of your blood. If you have to it would be best to amputate your limb is necessary.

This disease spreads rapidly and has horrific results and there isn’t a known cure, so if you feel yourself starting to get become an infect it is better for man kind for you to sacrifice yourself so you don’t lose control and fight against human. THE ONLY CURE IS DEATH.

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