Saturday, September 3, 2011

How to make the food you eat the most (Topic 1)

Hmm the food I eat the most? I guess that would have to be cereal. I have cereal everyday after I take a shower, only because it is fast and easy to make. Everybody knows how to make cereal, or at least I think they do.

BUT incase you don’t have prior experience in this field of expertise then here are the instructions:

Get cereal

Get Bowl

Get Milk

Pour cereal into bowl

Pour milk over cereal (try your best to keep milk in bowl)

Close cereal box

Close milk

Put milk in fridge

Put cereal in cupboard

Get spoon

Put spoon in bowl with cereal/Milk



if the above steps were done correctly you should enjoy!

Here is what the finished product should look like when completed:

I had to improvise a little bit because Mike stole Mary and Tim’s Milk and he hasn’t bought them more mms_picture

yet. I ended up just using water as a substitute. It tasted terrible, but it certainly worked for the pictures I took. Water can work as a substitute of milk but it makes the cereal really soggy really fast. It also adds a really weird taste to the water, but that could just the the fault of Mary and Tim’s stupid city water.0903111429

Sorry, I just realized that my phone camera was set to a weird resolution. But the mission of getting the pictures from my phone to this blog has finally been accomplished so I can finally stop typing for about 5 minutes until I have to start my next blog.

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