Saturday, September 3, 2011

Go outside. Pick a starting point. Walk 100 steps. Blog about what you find there. (Topic 7)

And It’s raining. But I’m going to do it anyways. Well here I go. I will be back in awhile. wish me luck.

Okay I’m back. I had a great time. I found a dark alley at exactly step 100. I took some pictures and they are being sent from my phone to my e-mail right now


Looks kind of creepy right? Well that’s what I though, but I walked down there anyways.

After I got to the alley I walked down it and after a few more paces I found a garden growing in the back of a pick-up truck. A full garden. Not a few plants. This truck was loaded with vegetation. I took a picture, which I will post when I can, at the end of this paragraph.mms_picture(1)

I walked down to the next road that crossed the alley and turned right back toward Mary and Tim’s home. I went down the alley behind their house but there is a fence that kept me out, and I didn’t want to cut though anybody’s yard. I ended up walking around the rest of the block and almost kept going to the frozen yogurt store. I didn’t though. I started walking back to the house and I saw a bunny. I tried catching it before I though to take a picture of it. Sadly it just ran away.

When I was almost home I saw a few other bloggers leave the house to start their voyage to their unknown destination. I saw Will walking toward the house, and saw Matt walking away from the house. I followed Will inside, resisting the urge to follow Matt on his journey.

I walked inside behind will got my laptop and started typing. After I finished the first paragraph I started sending a couple pictures I took. And now I’m going to post them, then this blog post.

P.S. I fixed the resolution of the pictures on my phone.

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  1. Cool! I wonder if he drives around with vegetables in his truck all the time.

    You could have come in through the gate, but I guess it would have been less interesting for you.