Sunday, September 4, 2011

Favorite Thing To Do In A City (Topic 19)

The only big city that I go to a lot is Chicago. Usually we just drive through, but sometimes we stop and we go shopping. Shopping in Chicago is expensive, but its easy to find cool things that are worth buying. Almost every time we go to Chicago we stop somewhere to get pizza. I love pizza. Pizza is good. Pizza is really good. Pizza is great. Pizza just might be my favorite food.

A lot of times when we are in Chicago in the winter we will go ice skating. I love ice skating. Ice skating is good. Ice skating is really good. Ice skating is great. Ice skating might just be my favorite winter activity.

When we go to Chicago in the summer we usually go to Millennium Park. And this is where I’m going to stop the pattern that ended both of the paragraphs above.

I like Chicago, but we go there too often, I like other cities more, so I would rather go somewhere like Lafayette and get pizza there.

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