Saturday, September 3, 2011

Create a How-To Manual for Something You Do Well (Topic 12)

Manual Of How To Make A Manual

Your Topic

Step 1. Find topic to write about.

Step 2. Educate yourself about the topic.

Body of the Manual

Step 3. Make a very specific and detailed list of steps involved while doing whatever the manual is being made for, to be sure you don’t leave anything out. (leave spots to add extra steps).

Step 4. Using only the instructions you wrote do the thing that the manual is intended for.


Step 5. Renumber steps if you added anything or removed anything.

Organization of the Manual

Step 6. Separate the steps into categories.

Step 7. Write a table of contents.

Titling the Manual

Step 8. Title the manual in direct accordance to the steps involved. Title the manual LAST.


Table Of Contents:

Your Topic-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Page 1

Body of the Manual-------------------------------------------------------------------------Page 1

Numbering Steps of the Manual--------------------------------------------------------Page 1

Organization of the Manual--------------------------------------------------------------Page 1

Titling the Manual---------------------------------------------------------------------------Page 1

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