Saturday, September 3, 2011

24 Hour Blog Day 2!

Yep that’s right it finally time to do a second 24 Hour Blog Day. And here is the list (or what is going to be the list) of blogs that I wrote (or will write) on September 3rd and 4th of the year 2011

How to make the food you eat the most (Topic 1)
Your Favorite Make-Believe Game (Topic 2)
What Your Life Would Be Like Without Computers (Topic 3)
What the world would be like if people had gills/wings (Topic 4)
Write a Blog From The Perspective of Your Favorite Fictional Character (Topic 5)
A Look at Yourself Through the Eyes of Your Pet (Topic 6)
Go outside. Pick a starting point. Walk 100 steps. Blog about what you find there. (Topic 7)
Pick A Random Sentence From A Random Book. This Will Be The First Sentence Of This Post (Topic 8)
Make A Treat Of A Gift For Your Friends And Blog About It (Topic 9)
Map Out A Road Trip You Would Like To Take (Topic 10)
Tell The Story Behind The 15th Picture Of You On Facebook (Topic 11)
Create a How-To Manual for Something You Do Well (Topic 12)
The Nature Of Identity (Topic 13)
Open Your Phone Camera Album. Tell the Story of Why You Took the 5th Picture (from either end) (Topic 14)
Using, generate a random word. Search it on Google images. Tell the story of the first PHOTO you find. (Topic 15)
Brag A Little (Topic 16)
If Hobbies Could Make You Rich (Topic 17)
Imaginary Home Remedies To Cure Imaginary Ailments (Topic 18)
Favorite Thing To Do In A City (Topic 19)
You Hear A Noise And There Is A Sudden Flash… (Topic 20)
What Would You Do To Survive Alone On An Island (Topic 21)
China (Topic 22)
Come Up With a Title for a Blog that would be a Pun Headline. Write this story, article, what have you based on the headline. (Topic 23)
I Wish Someone Had Told Me... (Topic 24)

All that and it only took me 29 hours and 20 minutes of almost constant work without sleep.

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