Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Wish Someone Had Told Me... (Topic 24)

I really want to make this blog a good one since it is going to be the last one of 24 hour blog day. I just wish someone had told I had told me about this topic so I could think ahead and actually come up with something good to blog about.

If someone had told me then I would have plenty of time to think ideas before I got really tired like I am right now. It has been a whole 29 hours and 4 minutes since I slept last. I cannot focus at all. I am super tired, and I’m starting to get a little bored with writing these blogs.

If only someone would have told me…

I could have thought of great things to write about if I were alert enough. Everyone reading this would have entertainment, and it would be much less painful for me to write this.

I just can’t write anymore its too much.

Come Up With a Title for a Blog that would be a Pun Headline. Write this story, article, what have you based on the headline. (Topic 23)


 Back in October 2006, North Korea decided to conduct a not-at-all-provocative nuclear test. International condemnation followed, but no nation’s response topped The Sun’s. The newspaper’s headline raised the question of which is worse: reality TV, or a nuclear holocaust? Tough call

China (Topic 22)

China is a nation which has a terrible standard of living. America owes China trillions of dollars, and we wont be able to pay that debt back for decades. I see it that Obama caused most of the debt. Not all of it, but most of it.

Chinese citizens are short, and this is due to their poor standard of living. Years of malnutrition caused them to not have sufficient nutrients to grow taller and bigger.

Chinese would be a fun language to learn, but it would be very different from English. We have no letters in common. 這裡有一個例子,我們有什麼共同語言。

You can go ahead and use Google translate to figure out what that says.

I haven’t slept for 28 hours and 45 minutes so I’m going to try to get the rest of these blogs out of the way so I can sleep.

What Would You Do To Survive Alone On An Island (Topic 21)

If I were stranded on an island I would make this list of priorities:

Get plenty of sleep

Wake up

Find a well paying job

Rescue a soccer ball

Make a plot for world domination

Dominate the world with previously mentioned plot

Donate the world to Pluto

Then I’m going to finish this 24 hour blog day

You Hear A Noise And There Is A Sudden Flash… (Topic 20)

Suddenly there was a bright flash of light and then came a thrashing noise followed (even thought the title says the noise came first) And the power goes out so I can’t finish writing this b…

Favorite Thing To Do In A City (Topic 19)

The only big city that I go to a lot is Chicago. Usually we just drive through, but sometimes we stop and we go shopping. Shopping in Chicago is expensive, but its easy to find cool things that are worth buying. Almost every time we go to Chicago we stop somewhere to get pizza. I love pizza. Pizza is good. Pizza is really good. Pizza is great. Pizza just might be my favorite food.

A lot of times when we are in Chicago in the winter we will go ice skating. I love ice skating. Ice skating is good. Ice skating is really good. Ice skating is great. Ice skating might just be my favorite winter activity.

When we go to Chicago in the summer we usually go to Millennium Park. And this is where I’m going to stop the pattern that ended both of the paragraphs above.

I like Chicago, but we go there too often, I like other cities more, so I would rather go somewhere like Lafayette and get pizza there.

Imaginary Home Remedies To Cure Imaginary Ailments (Topic 18)

Lets pretend that there is a disease that causes your skin to rot, and your brain to function at it’s lowest possible level. Your brain tries to do nothing but keep you alive. So all you can do it is eat breath and walk. And just for the sake of severity this disease is transmitted through saliva.

Everyone is afraid that they will catch this disease and die from it. Or be killed by others who already have the disease. Everyone either runs from the disease or kills anyone who has it. This disease is so severe that a lot of places have to declare martial law.

The government is trying their best create a vaccine for this disease, but they don’t realize that if someone gets infected saliva in their blood stream that it only takes a matter of hours for it to kill most of their brain. After about a day after being infected a person will start to decompose because it brain stops telling cells to reproduce. After two days a person might look as bad as this:


The disease is often obtained from a bite from someone who is already infected. There isn’t really a cure. Just preventative steps to take. Don’t let the infected get too close to you, and if you are bitten somehow your only hope is to make sure the blood from where you were bit doesn’t spread through the rest of your blood. If you have to it would be best to amputate your limb is necessary.

This disease spreads rapidly and has horrific results and there isn’t a known cure, so if you feel yourself starting to get become an infect it is better for man kind for you to sacrifice yourself so you don’t lose control and fight against human. THE ONLY CURE IS DEATH.

If Hobbies Could Make You Rich (Topic 17)

If hobbies could make me rich then I would be a lot of rich, because I have a lot of hobbies. To start off this post here is a list of some of my hobbies.




Computer Games

Computer Software stuff

Computer Hardware stuff



I guess that is a good enough list. And actually all of there hobbies could make someone rich.

Piano could make you rich if you are good enough and you become famous for it.

Same with guitar.

Blogging can make you rich if you write really popular blogs, and you get paid for letting people advertise on your blog.

Computer gaming can make someone rich if they learn how to make good computer games.

Computer software engineering can make you rich if you develop a good program and you sell mass amounts of it.

Computer hardware engineering could make you rich if you fix/build computers independently, or for a large business like Microsoft and Apple.

Music can make you rich if you do something mentioned like about piano and guitar.

And German can make you rich if you are a great translator.

It all depends on your personal definition of rich. But you can become rich from almost anything.

Brag A Little (Topic 16)

I don’t brag much, or at least I try not to. But it is for the good of the blog day, so here it goes.

But I would like to mention that only 3 people participating in blog day are still awake. Tim, Matt, and Me of course because I’m writing this blog. Everybody else fell asleep. I am very proud of myself and you think everybody reading this should also be proud of me. I was also one of the few who did all 24 blogs last year. And that is really a great accomplishment because I did it alone. In solitude. I stayed awake for 24 hours is practically complete silence and blogged. I think if anybody else were to attempt that they would fail miserably.

Oh and another think I would like to brag about is how great I am at bragging. In fact this is without a doubt going to be the best ‘Brag a Little’ blog written tonight… I mean today.

Using, generate a random word. Search it on Google images. Tell the story of the first PHOTO you find. (Topic 15)

My word is sacrifice. Okay it was a bad idea to look up “sacrifice” on Google images. There were tons of gruesome pictures, but the first photo isn’t too bad.



Murder, eating dead bodies, self-castration. Nothing but ancient rituals. But I sure am glad I live in the modern world. People from ancient societies would practice rituals like these for some different reasons, but a main reason is for punishment. If somebody in their society broke the rules/laws, or did something unjust then they would be punished. Often they would be a sacrifice, like the picture above. This picture isn’t a really picture so it doesn’t have a specific story, but people would often be sacrificed like this. They would be taken to a sacrificial pedestal. From this pedestal there could be plenty of witnesses to the sacrifice, and plenty of people to help with the sacrifice.

This isn’t an actual photograph, but I think that is acceptable due to the gruesomeness that a real photo would portray. And I couldn’t find any photographs of a sacrifice. That is probably because in modern times sacrifices are illegal.

Open Your Phone Camera Album. Tell the Story of Why You Took the 5th Picture (from either end) (Topic 14)

I chose the picture 5 pictures from the end of my cell phone’s photo album. I found an old picture of my dog Cooper. Here is that picture:


He is almost as white as the snow. He loves the snow. And the story behind this picture is…

We had my sister Hannah’s dog Zoe for awhile. Zoe and Cooper stomped down all of the snow in front of out back door (where Cooper is standing in this picture). Cooper saw Zoe running around the yard and I got to snap a quick picture before he ran after her.

There isn’t much of a story behind this picture, but that just makes the blogging easier for me.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Nature Of Identity (Topic 13)

The nature of identity.

What is the nature of identity?

I am not a philosopher. I don’t know what to write about or what this even means. I’m not even going to try. Good luck to everybody who is trying. I just don’t want anything to do with this topic.

Create a How-To Manual for Something You Do Well (Topic 12)

Manual Of How To Make A Manual

Your Topic

Step 1. Find topic to write about.

Step 2. Educate yourself about the topic.

Body of the Manual

Step 3. Make a very specific and detailed list of steps involved while doing whatever the manual is being made for, to be sure you don’t leave anything out. (leave spots to add extra steps).

Step 4. Using only the instructions you wrote do the thing that the manual is intended for.


Step 5. Renumber steps if you added anything or removed anything.

Organization of the Manual

Step 6. Separate the steps into categories.

Step 7. Write a table of contents.

Titling the Manual

Step 8. Title the manual in direct accordance to the steps involved. Title the manual LAST.


Table Of Contents:

Your Topic-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Page 1

Body of the Manual-------------------------------------------------------------------------Page 1

Numbering Steps of the Manual--------------------------------------------------------Page 1

Organization of the Manual--------------------------------------------------------------Page 1

Titling the Manual---------------------------------------------------------------------------Page 1

Tell The Story Behind The 15th Picture Of You On Facebook (Topic 11)

Here is the 15th picture of me on Facebook.


This picture was taken a few years ago when me and my parents went on a boat ride thing in northerish Wisconsin. I didn’t like the ride. It was cold and boring. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t and then my mom made me let her take thing picture. It was so small then. I think I was 12 or 13 then. So it was about 3 years ago. There isn’t much more to the story that that though, so I’m going to go to

Map Out A Road Trip You Would Like To Take (Topic 10)

I’m not writing about a road trip. Because there was quite an issue for the first 20 minutes of this topic.



This is the box that has all of the topics that we are using for blog day. But if its stolen then there are no topics to choose from. Causing there to be no blog day. We first noticed that it was missing at about 11 PM and we started looking for it, then Will got a message from the box on twitter. every one then checked their own twitter, and sure enough most of the people at the party got tweeted at. All the tweets were clues to the location of the box.

But of course none of the clues made sense to anyone except the person who wrote them. Tim lead the investigation, and started questioning people. First he was questioning at Tom who knew nothing about what was going on.

Eventually Tim moved on to questioning Will. From Will’s response everyone could tell it was him who took the box. Knowing who took the box got us no closer to finding it location though. We questioned Will for about 10 minutes and he never admitted to taking the box. The questioning went around in circles a few times, but always ended back on Will. We Knew he took the box.

Will is the only one here who would be capable of plotting a plot like this plot.

We after another 5 minutes of questioning Will we were no closer to the location of the box. Finally at 11:20 the box tweeted again, and everyone saw that it was from Will’s own computer. The box admitted its location. Will lead us to the box, which was behind the record player.

And the mystery was solved.

Will is the guilty party, but with the admittance of revealing the box he was given immunity. The box was found and nobody was worse off than they were before. And every was given a great topic to blog about. Which has been ignored completely by me and replaced with this story about the missing blog day box.

Make A Treat Or A Gift For Your Friends And Blog About It (Topic 9)

It only took me a couple minutes to decide what to make. Other people still seem to be thinking about what they are going to make. I immediately thought that make something out of origami would be my easiest option. And it was. It took me about 10 minutes to craft together a paper crane. I’ve made then several times before, but I haven't made one for about a year. It turned out good though.


Making it was the easy part. Finding somebody to give it to, not so much.

I took the picture above, then came in the other room and asked if anybody wanted it. I stood there for about 10 seconds and Matt said “if nobody wants it you can’t use it as your gift” (Jokingly of course). But finally I got rid of the thing. Thankfully a girl (who’s name has slipped my mind) said she would take it. She pinned it to her hair and let me take a picture.


Pick A Random Sentence From A Random Book. This Will Be The First Sentence Of This Post (Topic 8)

“Choose the best term from the list to complete each sentence” said Mrs. Donkle. “The Scientific Formula” chorused the class. It was the first day of school and already our math teacher had us memorizing mathematical vocabulary.

“What’s next” asked Davey who sits two seat behind me. Even though it was a rhetorical question Carter answered it “I’m not sure, maybe she is going to make a build a rocket”. Everyone Laughed, not because it was funny. Just because he is on the football team, and there is something that makes people always laugh when a football player attempts to make a joke.

Before we leave math class to go to lunch Mrs. Donkle hands us another classroom rules paper. I had already gotten one from each of the four classes I had before math. I leave math and go straight to the lunch line and since Mrs. Donkle’s room is right next to the cafeteria I am one of the first students in line.

I got lunch found one empty table out of many and sat down alone for about two minutes before several friends joined me. I was the first one done eating at our table because I was the first one there. Lunch came and went and then I had to go to my dreadful sixth hour. Mrs. Werner’s PE class. I don’t usually mind PE but I can’t stand Mrs. Werner and neither can any of my friends. My day was going great until Mrs. Werner ruined it, but when the bell rang I quickly recovered.

My next class I had Mr. Nastase, the only male teacher that I haven’t had before. He seemed nice, and he didn’t give us any homework so I decided that he is an alright guy. Both him and Mrs. Werner gave me more classroom rules papers that had to be signed by my parents.

Mr. Nastase’s class went fast and afterwards I put my books away and went to the bus. The bus ride was quiet and boring. When I got home I was tired but I still hung out with some friends for awhile because it was a Friday.

That first day of school was boring, long, and all together miserable, but I got through it. And since then I have made it through several more days of school. I only have about 150 days to go.

Go outside. Pick a starting point. Walk 100 steps. Blog about what you find there. (Topic 7)

And It’s raining. But I’m going to do it anyways. Well here I go. I will be back in awhile. wish me luck.

Okay I’m back. I had a great time. I found a dark alley at exactly step 100. I took some pictures and they are being sent from my phone to my e-mail right now


Looks kind of creepy right? Well that’s what I though, but I walked down there anyways.

After I got to the alley I walked down it and after a few more paces I found a garden growing in the back of a pick-up truck. A full garden. Not a few plants. This truck was loaded with vegetation. I took a picture, which I will post when I can, at the end of this paragraph.mms_picture(1)

I walked down to the next road that crossed the alley and turned right back toward Mary and Tim’s home. I went down the alley behind their house but there is a fence that kept me out, and I didn’t want to cut though anybody’s yard. I ended up walking around the rest of the block and almost kept going to the frozen yogurt store. I didn’t though. I started walking back to the house and I saw a bunny. I tried catching it before I though to take a picture of it. Sadly it just ran away.

When I was almost home I saw a few other bloggers leave the house to start their voyage to their unknown destination. I saw Will walking toward the house, and saw Matt walking away from the house. I followed Will inside, resisting the urge to follow Matt on his journey.

I walked inside behind will got my laptop and started typing. After I finished the first paragraph I started sending a couple pictures I took. And now I’m going to post them, then this blog post.

P.S. I fixed the resolution of the pictures on my phone.

24 Hour Blog Day 2!

Yep that’s right it finally time to do a second 24 Hour Blog Day. And here is the list (or what is going to be the list) of blogs that I wrote (or will write) on September 3rd and 4th of the year 2011

How to make the food you eat the most (Topic 1)
Your Favorite Make-Believe Game (Topic 2)
What Your Life Would Be Like Without Computers (Topic 3)
What the world would be like if people had gills/wings (Topic 4)
Write a Blog From The Perspective of Your Favorite Fictional Character (Topic 5)
A Look at Yourself Through the Eyes of Your Pet (Topic 6)
Go outside. Pick a starting point. Walk 100 steps. Blog about what you find there. (Topic 7)
Pick A Random Sentence From A Random Book. This Will Be The First Sentence Of This Post (Topic 8)
Make A Treat Of A Gift For Your Friends And Blog About It (Topic 9)
Map Out A Road Trip You Would Like To Take (Topic 10)
Tell The Story Behind The 15th Picture Of You On Facebook (Topic 11)
Create a How-To Manual for Something You Do Well (Topic 12)
The Nature Of Identity (Topic 13)
Open Your Phone Camera Album. Tell the Story of Why You Took the 5th Picture (from either end) (Topic 14)
Using, generate a random word. Search it on Google images. Tell the story of the first PHOTO you find. (Topic 15)
Brag A Little (Topic 16)
If Hobbies Could Make You Rich (Topic 17)
Imaginary Home Remedies To Cure Imaginary Ailments (Topic 18)
Favorite Thing To Do In A City (Topic 19)
You Hear A Noise And There Is A Sudden Flash… (Topic 20)
What Would You Do To Survive Alone On An Island (Topic 21)
China (Topic 22)
Come Up With a Title for a Blog that would be a Pun Headline. Write this story, article, what have you based on the headline. (Topic 23)
I Wish Someone Had Told Me... (Topic 24)

All that and it only took me 29 hours and 20 minutes of almost constant work without sleep.

A Look at Yourself Through the Eyes of Your Pet (Topic 6)

Okay first lets set the setting.

It’s a quite home and I’m there alone. I wake up and everything is the color of no color, as usual. I wish I could get outside to go pea. Maybe my humans will be home soon. I don’t know I guess I’ll go back to sleep.

There are some footsteps on the front door. Who is it!? BARK BARK! Who is here? Then the door bell rings, but my humans aren’t here to get the door. The mysterious figure slips into view for a moment but then passes before I can get a good look. A minute later I see my youngest human at the back door. He is saying something. I think he wants me to let him in. But he knows I can’t.

He leaves me desperately wanting out to say hi to him. A few minutes later he comes inside through the garage door and he tells me he found the key to get in. He pets me and lets me outside.

I see him go up the stairs, but I want to come with him so I start calling his name. Hey! Hey! Elijah! Over here! Hey! He comes back to let me in and I follow him back upstairs. He is such a friendly human. I wish they were all nice. I have to bark at all the other ones, but they still just walk right into my house.

I’m a little hungry, but I’m sure Mommy human will be home soon to give me some food.

*yawn* I’m getting a little tired. I guess my human will be fine for awhile with out me paying attention.

*There is the sound of a door being opened*

Hey Elijah I think Mommy and Daddy humans are home now. lets go say “Hi” Elijah, come on.

He follows me downstairs and sure enough there is Mommy human filling up my dog dish. She is so nice. She acknowledges me and then goes in the other room to get me some water. Daddy human walks in and pats me in the head. They are so nice.

But all of this everyone being nice to me stuff is starting to tire me out. I guess I’ll go take a nap.

I wake up to the sound of laughter, and annoyed, I go to the other room to sleep and I don’t wake up until the next day.

Write a Blog From The Perspective of Your Favorite Fictional Character (Topic 5)

I’m trying to think of a good character to write about… Well there aren’t many characters I like from television, but I guess there are fairy tale characters.

Right now I’m googling fictional characters. Hmm… I think I’m going to write about Rudolf. Rudolf the red-nosed reign deer.

If I were Rudolf I think life would be really hard. Everybody would always make fun of you for having a bright red nose. If he was in some sort of modern society then everybody would make fun of him for being a reign deer.

I would hate to be a reign deer like Rudolf. I would just be walking through town and all of a sudden a bunch of bullies would come up to me and make fun of my red nose. I would always ask them if I could play a game with them, but they would never let me.

As Rudolf my life would be miserable.

My whole life (Rudolf’s life) would be miserable until one dark night on Christmas Eve. I would just be going about my regular day, getting made fun of, being excluded from everything, but then all of a sudden everything would change forever. Santa couldn’t drive his sleigh in the thick fog, so he wouldn’t be able to deliver the presents in time for Chrisman. He had only one chance, and that chance was me.

Any other day of the year Santa would easily be able to ride his sleigh in condition like this, but his head lights were burnt out. So he came to me and asked for me to guide his sleigh because my nose is so bright. Bright enough to be used as a headlight that foggy night.

We made it and Santa gave me plenty of recognition for the good deed. Before I knew it I had lots and lots of friends. Everybody respected me, including the humans. Everybody finally saw for who I really am.

Rudolf, the kid with the bright nose. image

What the world would be like if people had gills/wings (Topic 4)

I am more than a little disappointed with this topic. It isn’t really something that I’m too interested in. I am still going to try my best to write as much as I can about it though.

Its hard to say what the world would be like if people had gills/wings (I’m going to say that we have both gills and wings). The best I can do to say what the world would do with gills and wings is to say what I would do if I had gills and wings. I hope that what I would do with gills and wings will reflect what the world would do.

If I had gills and wings I would use them for good and not evil. I would fly to rescue people from a burning building, and I would save people who are drowning. I would be like super man and shark boy all in one. In my spare time I would practice swimming, and I would fly around randomly and try to scare people. I’m sure super heroes don’t get paid, so I would have to have some sort of part time job. I would probably try to get a job playing piano for people to sing with. I have heard that people do that sometimes to work their way through college.

The best thing about having gills and wings would definitely being able to fly and swim.

Some other benefits that should also be mentioned are that wings look cool and gills could win you some bets. But hopefully if people had gills and wings it would help make the world a better place. I know if I had gills and wings I would try to make the world a better place.

What Your Life Would Be Like Without Computers (Topic 3)

First of all, without computers I wouldn’t be writing this blog. I wouldn’t even have a blog without computers. But neither of these things explain how it would affect my life. So how would it affect my life?

We could still have television, and telephones and things like that, but having no computers would still drastically lower our country’s communication. We wouldn’t have electronic messages (E-mails) or have any sort of social network. Everyone would probably have fewer friends, and town citizens would all be much closer, or at least know everyone better. Having no computers would help small businesses, but completely prevent large businesses.

None of this is talking about my life though it is all talking about what the world would be like. My life specifically would be boring, and most of my friends would be the same way. I wouldn’t get to have a blog, a website, or a Facebook. Many things that I do to pass time would not even exist. I wouldn’t be able to play Minecraft or any other computer games. This would make me realize how much time I really have, and I would start to play/practice music a lot more. I would get really good at both guitar, and piano.

My favorite thing that would come out of not having computers would be not having to type papers for school. But now that I’m thinking about it no computers would make everything school related more difficult. For example if I had to write and English paper I would have to count out the words to get a word count, but with computers that is done automatically. I wouldn’t even have spell check to tell me when I tpye-o.

With all things considered I personally think it is best to have computers, even if some hippy radicals think otherwise.

Your Favorite Make-Believe Game (Topic 2)

My favorite make-believe game has got to be Lava Tag. It is a fairly simple game, but if you have enough people playing it is always tons of fun no matter how old you are. The rules are easy to learn. One person is “it” and they have to run around and try to tag people, just like in normal tag. But there is a catch. You can’t tough the ground. This that would be counted as ground are the lowest level of the playing arena. Usually it is grass or dirt or wood chips. All of these things are considered to be lava. This twist added to the game of tag adds a lot of different skill requirements. For instance, tag just requires you being able to run. But in lava tag you have to have a lot of upper body strength, and be able to climb and jump.

When I was in elementary school I used to play this game everyday during recess. There would always be about ten people playing, so we never ran out of fun.

BUT my favorite game of Lava Tag that I every played was when Mary, Tim, and a few other people. I can’t remember everybody who was there, so you will have to ask Tim about it.

I highly recommend you playing this game no matter how old you are. It is really simple, and fun for the whole family. I might even try to convince everyone at the 24 Hour Blog Day party to go outside and play Lava Tag with me. I doubt we will have much extra time for anything like that, especially before it gets dark. Whether we play today or not I hope that anyone, and everyone reading this will be willing, and wanting to give this game a chance.

How to make the food you eat the most (Topic 1)

Hmm the food I eat the most? I guess that would have to be cereal. I have cereal everyday after I take a shower, only because it is fast and easy to make. Everybody knows how to make cereal, or at least I think they do.

BUT incase you don’t have prior experience in this field of expertise then here are the instructions:

Get cereal

Get Bowl

Get Milk

Pour cereal into bowl

Pour milk over cereal (try your best to keep milk in bowl)

Close cereal box

Close milk

Put milk in fridge

Put cereal in cupboard

Get spoon

Put spoon in bowl with cereal/Milk



if the above steps were done correctly you should enjoy!

Here is what the finished product should look like when completed:

I had to improvise a little bit because Mike stole Mary and Tim’s Milk and he hasn’t bought them more mms_picture

yet. I ended up just using water as a substitute. It tasted terrible, but it certainly worked for the pictures I took. Water can work as a substitute of milk but it makes the cereal really soggy really fast. It also adds a really weird taste to the water, but that could just the the fault of Mary and Tim’s stupid city water.0903111429

Sorry, I just realized that my phone camera was set to a weird resolution. But the mission of getting the pictures from my phone to this blog has finally been accomplished so I can finally stop typing for about 5 minutes until I have to start my next blog.