Saturday, February 5, 2011

Utopias Part 9

When I saw this topic three books came to mind. The Giver, The Hunger Games, And Narnia. None of these are really Utopias. None are ideal communities, just communities. The closest one to a utopia is Narnia. All of these books try to have a utopia, but none of them entirely succeed. In The Hunger Games the community is about as far away from a utopia as it can be, so I have no idea why this was the first thing to come to mind. In the giver there is a great society everything is just right, a utopia, until Jonas starts to notice things aren’t quite right. In Narnia Aslan does his best to make the society like a utopia, but there was evil in the world from the beginning and it can’t be changed. I don’t think there is such thing as a utopia, at least one where you have free will, which would be far from ideal. People have always been trying to make the world a utopia, but all attempts have obviously failed. A Utopia is simply impossible.

I think you’ve heard enough about my view on utopias so lets talk about this blog. It is #9. Which is why I wanted to talk about it. Revolution

9 is a song by The Beatles. It’s

terrifying. I don’t even want to listen to it. It’s really long too. I have to help my parents with something, so I have to go, but I will be back for the next topic.

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  1. The reason The Hunger Games comes to mind is because it is a story about a dystopia-the opposite of a utopia. Have you finished reading all three? I'd love to talk about them sometime. I also really like The Giver. Did you read it in school? I really enjoyed teaching 1984 when I was student teaching. It is probably my favorite book about a dystopian world.