Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rhyming Couplets Part 11

This topic is “Rhyming couplets” so I guess I have to write a poem. No big deal I suppose. It’s just a poem. Maybe it’ll be fun. I know what rhyming couplets are, but I’m not so sure you do. A rhyming couplet is a kind of poem where the last word of every couple of lines rhymes.

Example: ~~~~~~= random words that aren’t important for an example.





Okay so now I’m going to write a poem:


There once was a man who played the kazoo

But all he could play sounded so blue


When somebody asked why he was blue

The poor man replied I haven’t a clue


He wasn’t  much different from me and you

It’s just the sad song he played was all that he knew


With help from his dad his knowledge grew

He learned something new about his kazoo


All along it was just out of tune

and with a shake of the toy it sounded brand new


From now on everyone listens to Stu

Watching him play his happy kazoo



ahh all done…that was hard, but i still have 7 minutes to spare.

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