Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Personal Super Powers-Blog 18


I have quite a few super powers. For example everyone already knows I can fly. I have a few powers that I can’t afford to tell you but I will release as much information as possible.

Super Brain

I am MUCH smarter than most of my classmates. I don’t get the best grades, but they are good. I always finish my homework at school, and people are always surprised when I tell them I got my homework done during class. So I almost have like some sort of super mind.

Super ninja

I have great hand eye co-ordination, but that doesn’t make me a super human, just super ninja. I get this hand eye co-ordination from juggling, which I do all the time. It really has improved my performance in sports, and in ninja wars.

Super pianist

I consider my piano skills a super power. I know there are people my age that are just as good, and there is always somebody better than me. I don’t know any of these people though so I still consider it a super power.

super you

Everyone has their own abilities, and with some practice its easy to make them super.

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