Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Life’s Theme Song (#8)

Topic number eight is “theme songs for different mood/moments” immediately i though “hmmm themes like Mario?” I guess the Mario theme could at times be a good theme song, but I know I wouldn’t enjoy that kind of song following me around all day like it does Mario. I would get tired of any song if I had to hear it constantly 24/7. Having a theme song would get boring after awhile, then it would start to get annoying. It would be so much better if you had a whole iPod playing all day as your theme song. If i could do that I would put my favorite playlist, titled “Goods”, on shuffle. If I had the option to choose a 1 theme song for each mood it would turn out something like this:

Nervous: Desperado, by The Eagles

Anxious: Dark Blue, by Jack’s Mannequin

Average: Dusk and Summer, by Dashboard Confessional

Relaxed: Getting into you, by Relient K

Very Happy: Hands Down: by Dashboard Confessional

I thought this seemed a lot like mood rings, so I used a mood ring emotion list to get these emotions. This topic is somewhat fun, but it is starting to get a little bit boring, and I have to put a new dresser together. so I’ll blog again at 6:00 (Chicago time). So long readers.

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  1. You're putting a new dresser together? Cool. Good songs!