Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mundane Talents/Skills #16

Mundane I think means kind of ordinary or average, and if a talent it ordinary then it’s not really too much of a talent. So I’m going to just make this Talents/Skills.

I have a lot of talents. Like juggling. Juggling did not come easy for me. I spent the last couple months of school last year trying to learn, but with no luck. Then about half way through that summer Tim was finally able to teach me to juggle. I kept practicing, and now both me and my friend Hunter are great jugglers.

Another one of my talents is solving the Rubik’s cube. I taught myself how to do this a few years ago over the summer when I had nothing to do. I used you tube as a reference for awhile, but now I can solve it from memory in about two minutes.

I guess I have really boring summers because I don’t have anything to do so I just teach myself stupid talents. About 3 years ago I was obsessed with memorizing pi for a whole summer. I leaned about 30 digits before I decided there was no point. I still remember all of what I learned. 3.141592653589793238462643383279.

Of course my piano playing is a talent. I’ve been taking piano lessons for almost five years, I preformed at my school talent show last year and did good. Today, yesterday I guess it would be now I had ISSMA which is some sort of state contest for all sorts of things like voice, piano, solo, and ensemble. I did piano of course, and I did good and earned gold.

These are my biggest, and most defining talents, but I’m sure I could come up with some more if i ever had to.

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