Saturday, February 5, 2011

Methods of Destroying Traffic

Well when it comes to destroying things I have pretty good ideas, but traffic. I’ve never really thought about how to “destroy” traffic, but it sounds like fun! I guess there are many ways to get rid of traffic or redirect it, but to destroy it? It depends on what kind of traffic, air traffic would be difficult to destroy, but just normal road traffic would be very simple to destroy. All that is needed is some  high explosives, anyone could destroy traffic if they have enough money to buy enough explosives. Explosives are much too simple though, and bad for the environment. Another way to destroy traffic that is good for the environment, is to make fake detour signs that lead the majority of the cars to a recycling plant, from there its pretty straight forward.


If it’s air traffic your meaning to destroy though then that will be quite a bit more difficult. Of course you could use explosives but it would be nearly impossible to get them on a plane so you would need a missiles of some sort to bomb the planes or helicopters. That would cost to much for an average person, and no one could get away with it more than a few times.image

If this were the government trying to destroy traffic, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard for them. They would be able to just put more taxes on flying and driving. People would end up just riding their bikes or riding horses to work. But even if they did that there would still be traffic on a smaller scale. The only way to destroy traffic completely would be to destroy the entire human race. I doubt any one  person has even close enough power to do that, so it might be absolutely impossible to destroy traffic. Since nobody has power to destroy the human race we don’t really have any reason to come up with crazy ideas to destroy traffic. So I’m not going to think about this anymore.

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  1. I think it's cool that you're participating in blog day. The best way to become a better writer is to practice writing for an audience and with a purpose (even if the purpose is silly and the audience is small). I can't imagine many of my students writing "for fun", but it does help. You may think it's a simple, no-big-deal thing to write in complete sentences, form actual paragraphs, and make interesting statements or observations, but when you read so much student writing that lacks those things, you begin to appreciate it when you see it.