Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cleveland? #15

I have written a story about Cleveland before. It was a fan fiction of the movie avatar. Too bad i don’t just have a copy of it I can post because I don’t really know much about Cleveland. I do know that Cleveland is located at the co-ordinates 41° 28′ 56″ N, 81° 40′ 11″ W 41.482222, -81.669722, but that isn’t  going to help me write a blot about it. The fun thing about blogs is they aren’t formal papers, so you don’t have to be sure to stay on topic. Like right now, I have almost completely forgotten about Cleveland. I’m trying to forget about Cleveland because i don’t know nearly enough to write a blog about it. Okay I have a solution. I’m going to just make this up completely.

In the year 2020 the Earthed survived yet another false apocalypse. In most of the world communities flourished using the new natural energy discovered in slat water, or fresh water. Cleveland being near lake Erie like it is, but this community is the last one to still accept the water energy as a “clean” resource. They couldn’t keep their citizens from using the energy, but the were many limitations, and nobody could use the energy without a patent. The majority of Cleveland still relied on past resources, such as coal, and natural energy. These resources were nearly depleted, and without taking action soon Cleveland will not survive. Global climate change has hit the peak of its cold point, and the average temperature out side of one of the heated cities was –4 degrees. Cleveland was not fortunate enough to be one of the heated cities. People would rarely leave their homes for reasons other that groceries, and emergencies. The only good side to not having city wide heating is the terrorist threats. If the heating units malfunctioned the could lower the temperature down to –30 degrees. Many cities that could afford heating are not able to afford means of staying warm. If the terrorists happened to get a kind of EMP bomb they could destroy the nation of America itself. This is exactly what Cleveland officials want to happen. They would be the only major city left and they would have on outstanding population, with outstanding power. Cleveland has been sending information secretly terrorist on how they should design the bomb. And the date was tomorrow that Cleveland would start to thrive. The terrorists sent a bomb but Cleveland noticed it was heading off course. The bomb was heading straight for Cleveland itself. Cleveland tried to think of on exclamation, but there was only one reason this would happen.

These terrorists were still bitter toward Cleveland since after the war of 2015 when Cleveland broke the treaty of northwestern society. Cleveland sent secret agents to learn Egypt's plans of government, and reported the information back to the US there wasn’t any important secrets Egypt was hiding from us but this act showed neighboring countries Egypt’s weakness.

Cleveland was doomed, and would end up a waste land like what happened to northern Canada. Cleveland was the only thing preventing America from moving forward, but now Cleveland is gone, and America is the most powerful society on the Earth. America will go on to lead the world to Mars while Earth is destroyed by the gravity of Jupiter.

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