Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blog #3

It’s noon and right now I am waiting for the 3rd topic to be posted, so i decided i would get started on the blog even though I have no clue what its supposed to be about. Ahhh there it is. The 3rd topic is, and I quote “When someone mentions childhood what one memory pops into your head? Explain in detail.” This seems like it could be a fun topic, but I’m not sure what I should write about. I have lots of good childhood memories, like when me and my bestie Brian first met. I guess that’s what i could write about. It was summer, and my first day of kindergarten was in a couple of days. Me and my neighbor Shelby were outside messing around when a strange boy came past my house and said “Hello”. I had never seen anyone of his kind before, I would later learn that he was Asian. It scared me a little and I made him leave. I told my mom about the new creature I met and she suggested that he might have been trying to be my friend. The next day he rode his bike past my house again, and i apologized. We started talking and I thought that he wasn’t too strange after all (later I was proved wrong he really IS strange, very very strange). He talked and talked. We found out that we both started kindergarten the next day, and we were in the same class. Ever since then we have been the bestest of friends. Too bad I don’t have any pictures to add, but this is the memory i think of when someone mentions childhood.

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