Friday, December 31, 2010

New years party

Since it is so easy to write a blog with this new app, which you should know about from my previous blog, I have decided to write another blog because I'm just sitting here watching television. There is nothing to watch though so I'm just watching the news and there was some guy crying and he made his face look really funny.
Today I have a party to go to. It's a new years party at Garry's house ( which I help plan). I don't know who all is going to it but it should be fun, Garry usually has good parties. I think Noah is going which is good because I pretty good friends with him but we have hardly talked since the forth of July parade in LaPorte. I have no classes with him. I suspect that the school did that on purpose because in sixth grade we both got in a lot of trouble because we were selling magnets that were supposedly dangerous when people like David swallowed them but the last two weeks we would the magnets we made forty dollars, twenty dollars each. So now we have no classes together either because of that or because he is in band and I'm not and in in honors english and he's not. But'll be nice to talk to him again.
I am going to bring a deck of cards, bananagrams, and phases 10 to the party tonight. I might even bring my poker set, poker is fun. I like card games a lot, but some of my friends hate playing cards. I don't know if Noah likes cards or not, but I hope he does. I
do know that Garry hates cards though so I don't know if we will end up playing or not. But if Garry's parents are reading this you really should try to get Garry to like cards. I think if he gave it a chance he would have fun with it, and I would have fun playing cards with him.

Blogger Plus+

Yesterday I found an app for my iPod that makes really easy to submit blogs on the go! It is called blogger plus and it is going to help me submit lots more blogs. I am using it right now and it is surprisingly easy to type and fix typos :D... If you have a blog and an iPod touch or iPhone this app is perfect for you. I am going to recommend this to my friend Garry who got a new iPod touch this Christmas. He came over a couple days ago and I set up a blog for him, which you can read at But anyways he is going to love this app.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I’m supposed to be doing a project right now for school, but it is really boring. I am currently writing about the image manipulator “Gimp”. This is what I have written so far:

Gimp is one of the most common photo editors and is used by a lot of amateur graphic designers. Gimp stands for GNU image manipulation program. I have used gimp before and it is a very helpful tool. Even though there are many features in it that are too complicated for me to understand it is still easy to use its simple features.

Okay I just stopped writing for about an hour so I could finish my project, and it turned out good. I don’t have much else to say, I just felt like sharing this with you.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Creative and New Words

In the blog i posted earlier today i made up the word “bloggable”. i am going to start making a word up a fun new word every month. it’ll be fun and will hopfully make people laugh i just wanted to let everybody know this, and im tired  so im not going to make this blog any longer. GoOdByE!


Bloggable is a word i just made up because I’m really bored. Bloggable is a topic or thing that is easy to write about or is commonly written about in blogs. I think I’m going to start writing blogs a lot more than I have been. It is a lot more fun than I remembered it being, and I have to get used to writing a lot because I will have to write 24 blogs for my blog day :D…I’m going to change this blog’s topic completely to help
Garry decide who he should invite to his new years party so you will be reading some random lists and name, possibly your own.

  1. Matt
  2. William
  3. Elijah (me)
  4. Brian
  5. Jay
  6. Hunter
  7. Garry (the host)
  8. BTW Garry wants this party to be Wednesday (tomorrow) but that’s ridiculous because it wont be a new years party, but he has good reason for this. William can’t come on Friday but it still has to be Friday.
  9. Myia (Garry’s GF)
  10. Cassidy(William’s GF)
  11. Alexandria ( My GF <3)

Next we will move on to what we will do at the party.

  1. Card Games
  2. Board Games
  3. Rock band (last resort)
  4. Swimming JK
  5. DVDs

I’m going to let Garry write the rest of this blog so he can see is he likes blogging, and if he can find a good bloggable topic for him.

     Okay more party fun things to do:

  1. yup…. blogging is like tlking to yourself cuz nobody reads
  2. sparkling grape juice cheers…YAY
  3. bobbing for apples…not really
  5. explosives…jk…but i wish
  6. ice skating on my imaginary frozen pool
  7. eating
  8. food
  9. fluids to clean our mouths after we eat
  10. more food
  11. smiley  :)
  12. hmm i read this and i sound like a funny person…lol…i guess i hav my moments.
  13. hmmm… i wish i had minions..
  14. okay back to party stuff
  15. not really because i like not being serious
  16. im going to look online for party ideas
  17. pedacures…lol
  18. pediatritions…wait its not spelled like tht…pedros…wait no…medicare….danget no thts not it…never mind
  19. loud music/dancing
  20. pin the tail on the
  21. darts
  22. kings(a disgusting game that makes you drink yucky stuff)
  23. treasure hunt
  24. string treasure hunt
  25. scavenger hunt
  26. back to back
  27. prank calling random japaneses people
  28. charades
  29. pranks
  30. throwing pennies toward a wall game thing
  31. Bingo
  32. i skipped #31
  33. Cinnamon challenge
  34. eating krackers
  35. #36
  36. uchuer
  37. poker, with real chips
  38. blackjack
  39. other card games
  40. beer water pong
  41. destroying zombie terroristsimage
  42. okay im pretty
  43. sure we have enough party ideas

This be Elijah now. i was writing a few of those ideas, Garry wrote most of the ridiculous ones. i think this blog is long enough now. I’m going to go now and help Garry start his own blog because he seems to like blogging, and there are a lot of bloggable topics for him to use.

Ages Ago

Yes I know its been awhile since I've written a blog, almost a year! there’s no need to worry though because I'm going to start writing blogs again. I found time to write this particular blog on our drive home from Wisconsin, and i am planning on having a 24 hr blog day this January. If you don't know what that is, it’s when me and my friends get together and write blogs over a specific topic chosen every hour. In the end we each will have written 24 blogs, 1 every hour :D I got this idea from Tim. I am hosting my blog day the same day as him. All of his friends have blogs so it is easy for him to get a group together willing to stay up writing blogs for 24 hours, but none of my friends have blogs, which is an easy fix, but most of my friends hate writing, which is not an easy fix. I invited about 10 specific people i would like to come, but anyone is welcome. the people i invited are William, Brian, Garry, Hunter, Matt, and Jay. The only one out of them that i know likes writing is William. But the others just don’t realize that typing up a blog is much different than writing a boring essay or research paper for school. It is amazingly easy to write a blog, all you have to do is write what your thinking, and right now that’s exactly what I’m doing. you can just write a blog as if your talking to a friend. That’s always what I try to do, and the only thing that make it difficult is typing fast enough without making too many type-os or grammatical errors.

Uhhh, anyways if your interested in coming to my blogging party you can contact me on face book, or text/call my cell: 1-219-363-0095. If you want to come you will need to start a blog if you don’t already have one. you  can do so at or they are both the same website, i think. you can start your blog at the party or before it. By the way you have to be between the ages 12 and 16 to come to this…And this concludes today’s blog.