Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Elijah Davis 7-3

Just in case you didn’t notice the title for this article is very odd. The 7-3 stands for seventh grade third hour which is math for me:(. What’s so special about math today you might ask? Well i wont go into details about it but nothing is special about math, so why am i writing this blog right now?… We did start the last section of our ISTEP+ today it was actually easy though. I guess I had nothing better to do except write on my blog…I’m going to start writing more on my blog so i wont forget how to write this summer, and I’m going to have a lot to write about (my english teacher hate it when i say “a lot” in a paper. What you opinion Mary?).

Another thing that happened in math this week is our student teacher left! Now maybe i can actually learn something. She wasn’t that bad of a teacher but she couldn’t explain a lot of thing that would have helped me. Now we have our regular teacher back and everything will, hopefully, start making sense again.

I don’t know why but i feel like putting random pictures, and,or videos in this post.  I might even put a hyperlink in it just because I don’t know what it is~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I have no idea what this does!COOPER 007Ok now i will add a random video if i can find one…

There is no reason i chose this video but the guy in it is really annoying!