Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Enter a Post Title

Hello people of the intronet i really didn’t want to write a blog today but i have no school and I'm bored and when I turned on my computer just now windows live writer randomly opened so here i am writing this blog…Oh and by the way i spelled internet intronet on purpose. so… ya I'm bored… anyone that reads this blog please post a comment giving me ideas of what to do during snow days. I think Tim made a comic of some kind yesterday on his snow day so I might try that. oh by the way Tim can you post that comic on Face Book or something somehow.

         I started a picture a day album on Face Book so if you have a face Book you should go look at it, and please comment on the pictures in it! Ok i want to go look at my Face Book now so I’m ending this blog.


  1. Hi Elijah... I read your blog. I wish I was on a snow day like everyone else has been getting. Well, I guess I kinda am because all my appointments cancelled, but I still will be working all day.

  2. Nice banner! Nope, no comic strip - just a new banner for my own blog and a drawing of myself. Enjoy your snow day!

  3. We went sledding on our snow day yesterday. You should have fun with Cooper in the snow-build a fort or something. You should write blogs about what kind of stuff you're doing in school, boyscouts, choir, and piano lessons. You could post your pic-a-day photos on your blog. When you do something fun-like go to a school dance, have an airsoft war, or pull a prank on mom and dad, take some pictures to chronicle it and tell us about it on your blog. Then we'll all know what you're up to and you'll get more comments! Oh, and I like your new banner too!