Friday, August 14, 2009

1st Day Of School!!!

Well today was my first day of school so now i have something to write a blog about, I had to force myself to start though, but it’s not that bad…   Today was my first day in Jr. High (I’M A 7TH GRADER NOW!!!!!). At first it felt kinda weird, but i got used to it pretty quick. I’ve memorized my schedule already it was easier than I thought, here’s a copy of it……

Jr high Band------------1st period

Ind. Tech---------------2nd period

Honors Math-----------3rd period

JHH English------------4th Period

Health------------------5th Period

B. Lunch----------------Between 5th and 6th Period

Geography-------------6th Period

Science-----------------7th Period


That’s my schedule! I would tell you all my teachers names, but i don’t remember all there names. So maybe I’ll Make another blog that would just end up being just my schedule and teacher’s so that’s probably just all I’ll do. My favorite class is Industrial Tech. the teacher is really cool, and funny, were going to get to make hover crafts in his class. Another thing that i like a lot about Mr. Siford A.K.A. Mr. Awesome (that’s one of the nicknames he said we could call him) that i almost forgot to mention is that in his class we’re aloud to chew gum (even though I’ll probably chew gum in other classes too). have you noticed that in my blogs that when i type … the dots are smaller than normal periods. I find that kind of cool… .. ………………….. … .. ……. When ever i type one of these blogs i feel pressured into typing a lot, but i just looked back at this blog,and it is already awfully long already. so i guess I can stop typing now.