Friday, July 31, 2009

Windows 7

Well you may or may not have heard of it, but it is the new windows. I don’t have, but i have watched some reviews for it on YouTube. i have also used Tim's. you can download it for free from the Microsoft website. I’m not going to download it, even though i really want to. The reason for this is because if i download/install a new operating system (OS) it will ruin my insurance on my new laptop.

The biggest change in windows 7 is the taskbar. it has icons that you can pin to it like in vista, but there bigger, and round. they glow if you have it opened, and if you have something minimized it will minimize in to the icon. then you can run your mouse over it, and a little preview will open, if you run your mouse on that preview it will show a full screen preview. But nothing will open unless clicked.

Another big change is in paint. it has all the old items, and some new ones like different styles of brushes, which can make some cool designs. once you draw something it will smooth the edges, so the painting looks better and more professional.

Windows 7 has some other small things like that, but it also runs better and faster. I don’t know all that much about Windows 7, there are defiantly a lot of other thing that have been improved, but there still might be some bugs.

The reason you can download it for free is because it’s not complete yet, and want to get reviews from people so they know what to fix/improve/remove/add. I wouldn’t worry about there being any viruses though because Microsoft knows what there doing, and there good at it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Moving :(

Today is the day for Mary to move away :(. So were helping them. It will be the last time i get to see them (for a while), but the first time i get to see there new apartment. that will probably be boring since there's nothing in it. I’m going to go to Lafayette soon so i have to go, but I'll type more later.

And were off! Mary, and Tim left about half an hour ago. so they’ll be there when we get there. We left about 5 minutes ago, and i don't have much to do except type. The car is really crowded with a bunch of shoes, cloths, and other odds and ends. Tim wrote a blog about packing so that's kind of how i got the idea for this blog of moving.I’ll have to take a picture to put right here.-> but the picture wouldn’t fit there so I'm going to put it under this text.DSCN5652See how much stuff the have, and that's just our car.

Well I'll tell you a little bit about the drive. So far I’ve seen corn, trees, and electrical poles.DSCN5646What do you expect from Indiana?

Umm… hmmm….. well i can’t think of any thing else to type about so I'm just going to play pinball or chess (on the computer) to pass the time. I don’t have pinball so i play minesweeper instead. But i stopped because my mom has her camera so I’m going to take pictures for this blog.Well I’m going to stop typing soon because i have to save room for when we get there.

Ok were there, well we've been here for a while, but never-the-less.I now have a chance to type some, that's all that matters. I have taken a few more pictures of all the stuff so you can really know how much stuff they have.  

DSCN5656DSCN5653DSCN5657 DSCN5658

I’m sure that after we clean up some it will look much better. But after seeing how cluttered there other apartments I’m not to sure. Tim’s mom Kathy, and his brother Sam will be here soon, so thing will start to get a little bit more hectic. were supposed to help Josh (Tim’s other brother) move in too, but Mary isn’t too excited about it. Considering how much work we’ve been doing today i don’t want to help him either. My mom just turned on the TV. so i can’t really concentrate, but I’ll try to cope with it while I type.

Tim has a lot of weird cool stuff that he’s hanging on the walls, and putting other places. Mary has a bunch of junk from collage that she wants to get rid of, or put away, and probably never use.

We’re going to spend the night here tonight and go home tomorrow. We had to leave the dogs outside, but we left plenty of food, and water for them. i didn’t want to leave them outside, but we didn’t have much of a choice, and there animals so they’ll be fine. Well Kathy, and Sam just got here so I'm going to stop this blog here before it gets to long ;)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pizza Night

Last night we had pizza with Mary and Tim. We have been doing a lot of special stuff with them since there going to move back to Lafayette. Some of these things are… ummmm… things like… OK so we haven’t been doing that much but we would like to. But this blog is about pizza not what I wish we were doing with Mary and Tim. So back to the point. The pizza (from Albano’s) was delicious. The dogs loved it too.

FUN 281

Well i guess that's all for now. i might write another blog about what were doing tonight with Mary and Tim since they are moving tomorrow, but probably not. it would end up being too lengthy and boring.

My First Blog

So today I made up my mind to start blogging (or whatever it's called). But I’m not sure what to write, I mean type about. I also decided to start sketching. I'm not that great of an artist though. I drew a keyboard (since I play piano, and I couldn't think of anything better to sketch), and I’m going to add (by my sister's advice) a piece of sheet music in the background with some ink and a quill pen. So I guess this means I am going to have to learn how to write fancy. I just realized that I can get on the Internet now, because I just got home from my sister's house. We got to take Zhoe and Charlie to The Concert in the  Park. I didn't listen to the music at all, but I had fun walking the two dogs. Well okay I guess I’m going to stop writing now so I get on the Internet, and learn how to write fancy.

Okay I’m back, but I couldn’t find anything on the web about writing fancy. So I just tried my best and it turned out pretty good. I’ll put a link at the end of this story so you can see how good I did. Or maybe I’ll be able to put the actual picture right in the middle of this paragraph. Okay now I’m going to get the picture I’ll be right back….okay here’s the original…Piano Keys

And here’s my favorite edited one…modifide piano keys_01 I edited it about 5 (give, or take) different ways, using GIMP,which is a free image editing program. All I did was change the colors a little bit, and I did some stuff with the darkness, and contrast.

I had to do something to the picture because as you can see if I didn’t it’s pretty light. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to edit it, because I wanted to have a nice original. Oh well! It’s not that big of a deal, and it’s not hard to see on actual paper, so I’m thinking about framing it…. No I’m not going to frame it, because I don’t have a frame but I’ll probably hang it up in my room or something like that. Okay I have to stop typing now because my dog is barking like a maniac and I need to make him stop.