Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blog. Writing. Life.

Yeah, I have a blog…

Yeah, I like writing…

Yeah, I have a life…

I’ve had this blog for four years. Since I was 13. I’ve always enjoyed it, and I’ve always sucked at it.

I love writing now more than ever, but I am also now more distracted from writing than ever. I have a job, I have school, I have extracurricular crap. What I do not have is motivation towards writing. Last week we started writing a persuasive essay in my English class. It’s due tomorrow, and I am one paragraph into it.

I should probably go work on that paper. This blog was going somewhere, but I lost it. Have a nice day.

Monday, August 13, 2012

RAM Upgrade Try 1

Well, like I mentioned in my last post I got a new netbook PC, and I attempted to upgrade the RAM from 1 gigabyte to 2 gigabytes. This is the story of that lame attempt.

I get this laptop knowing I had an extra stick of laptop memory so I knew I would be able to upgrade it and get it working better than it is supposed to.

I got it home, and within the first hour of messing with it I decided it was time to tear it apart and preform my RAM upgrade.

Well, turns out it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I unscrewed a few screws on the back, and they did nothing. I couldn’t find ANY other screws, so I looked up a breakdown of the device.

I then gained the knowledge that I had to pop out some locks around the keyboard with a flathead screwdriver. I tinkered around with that for about 30 minutes and finally figured it out. Got the keyboard off. And revealed a metal panel with many screws in it.

I then proceeded to take out the screws that said “M 2x8 Door” figuring that they were to unlatch the back panel of the laptop revealing the RAM slot. I unscrewed them, like 10 of them. They door was a little more loose now.

With the door at this state I began to gain hope once again.

But I still couldn’t quite get it opened, so I proceeded to remove the remaining screws. About 15 of them.

The door still wasn’t giving.

Then on closer inspection I noticed a little switch that said “Door Lock”.

I wiggled it around with the flathead, and got it loose. I turned the laptop over and finally got the door to come off.

I saw the RAM right away, detached it, and went to find my extra ram.

Got the RAM and tried putting it in.

Didn’t fit. Wasn’t the right kind. I guess I should’ve looked into that before hand, but now I know how to take this thing apart, and I ordered the correct RAM from amazon for about $12.

So when I get that in the mail in a couple of days I’ll be able to get it working like a charm!

New Tool

Yesterday I purchased an Acer Netbook. To be specific an Acer Aspire One D270-1824. Right now I am using it to write this blog. I always like writing blogs on and about new devices I get. Like awhile back when I wrote a blog about my new phone. Anyways, this is a pretty nice computer, for a netbook. It has a 1.60 Gigahertz processor which is pretty standard for most netbook. The processor has 1 megabyte of level 2 cache, so that is pretty decent for a netbook. The only this about this net book is it only has 1 gigabyte of RAM. I will upgrade that though, and I plan on making this netbook my new project, so you might end up reading a lot about it on my blog in the upcoming weeks. I’ve already attempted a couple of modifications to this, and I will (hopefully) be writing about them. Talking about that though is for another blog another time. So until then, farewell.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Welp, its been quite awhile. Too long in fact. Its been a long time since a wrote a blog, and an even longer time since I wrote a blog with a substantial length. I know I always say i'm going to blog more, but it never really happens, but i'm really going to try to blog more in this new year, and hopefully I will improve my writing abilities.
Speaking of writing abilities, i've been been getting quite a few A's in English lately. Sadly i've also been getting a few C's. So I got another B i'm English last 9 weeks, that averages out to be a B for the semester. My only B. Since i'm on the subject of my English class I might as well explain this annoying project we have been doing.
At my schools library they have a program set up called RC (reading counts). What we have to do for my English class is choose a book off of the RC list, and read it in about a month then we take a test over it. We have already finished the first two books and tests, but now we are on the third, and the game had changed. The only fluctuation between the first two books and this one is that this one must be a biography. I don't have any problem with reading a good biography, but all good biographies have been made into movies and we aren't allowed to read books that have movies. So I've had major difficulties finding a good book to read that isn't a movie. Two biographies that I would love to read are "catch me if you can" and "into the wild" both are movies though.
I'm going to wrap up this blog now because church is about to start, I will try to blog once a week for the rest of 2012. Goodbye, and I'll blog to you again next week. Hopefully.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Phone!

Hello world, this Monday I got my new phone in the mail. Its a Droid Razr. Its the nicest phone I have ever had. I'm not super excited about the virtual keyboard, but with Swype it its actually really nice. i'm used to having an iPod touch, so i'm used to the app store. The app store its great, and had more apps than the Android market, but the Android market is still really nice. I especially like the widgets available in it. Well I've got to go now. Get this phone!